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Meet Pamela Gail Johnson

Hi! If you’re looking for Pamela Gail, you found me!

Some people see the glass as half full. Some people see the glass as half empty. But I believe if you have a glass you have a reason to grin.

I grew up in a west Texas town that seemed large to me at the time, but now live in a big city. But regardless of where I live one of my favorite things is to get together to for great conversations and good times.

Are You Happier Than You Admit You Are

Are You Happier Than You Admit You Are

I started the Secret Society of Happy People in 1998 to provide a missing voice for those who are happy and want to express it without having other people rain on their parade. (Boo, Hiss!)

People Magazine Photo Shoot

People Magazine Photo Shoot








The Society provides me with a unique opportunity to interact with thousands of happy and not-so-happy people in their effort to be happy most of the time. I’ve also had lots of fun making the Society one of the best known secrets in the world.

I wrote The Secret Society of Happy People’s Thirty-One Types of Happiness Guide released in November 2012 and Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade: Adventures of the Secret Society of Happy People – it was written so long ago it’s officially out of print, but if you really want one, email me and I might can find one to dust off.

I was named a semi-finalist in the search for the next Global Thought Leader in 2013.

I live in the Dallas area where I manage the Society including speaking, social media, and writing the newsletter and blogs.  I’m also working on a new book. (Whew!)

What makes me happy when I’m not chatting with Society members on social media? Yoga, cooking for my dog Tater, drinking wine with friends, and reading.