The Happiness Expectation Trap

by Pamela Gail Johnson on August 25, 2014

Silver Holiday Gift Box

  On Saturday, I was reminded of something I already know. Every now and then everyone needs a reminder: Expectations lead to unhappiness.  I’m part of a group, TWINC (Traveling Women in Need of Cocktails), that meets up every month. We do anything from going to restaurants to sports events to wine tastings. Saturday we […]


When a Smile-Maker Cries Inside – Honoring Robin Williams

by Pamela Gail Johnson on August 17, 2014

When A Smile-Maker Cries Inside - Secret Society Of Happy People

Last week was surreal. It was beyond busy between my day job and Happiness Happens Month. But the surreal part happened early Monday evening when I was talking on the phone to a co-worker, and looked up long enough to see the CNN scroll read something like, “Robin Williams Dead at 63. Apparent Suicide.”   Time […]


HomeGoods Makes Happiness Happens Day Even Happier

by Pamela Gail Johnson on August 7, 2014

25274-SM-Happiness Happens-Social-Twitter-Post2-v1A

  #HappinessHappens #HomeGoodsSweeps   We’re so excited that the national home décor retailer HomeGoods will be celebrating Happiness Happens Day with us today in stores across the country. Find a store near you. If you’re in New York City and Dallas there’ll be a few more surprises. Even more exciting is that HomeGoods will be giving […]


It’s The Happiness Happens Day Sweet 16

by Pamela Gail Johnson on August 7, 2014

Happiness Happens Day Sweet Sixteen - SOHP

We’re counting down the hours to Happiness Happens Day, Friday, August 8.  If the day were a child it would be getting its driver’s license today … and I’d start feeling old … but let’s not go there. Create A Happiness Happens Photo Album or Collage This year we’re taking Happiness Happens Day  Selfie’s and […]

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Happiness Happens Month

by Pamela Gail Johnson on July 31, 2014

Celebrate 15th Anniversary of Happiness Happens Month With Pink Lemonade

    What’s YOUR Happy Nickname? Wow…time flies when you’re celebrating happiness. I can’t believe it’s our 15th Happiness Happens Month celebration. Thank you for making happiness happen all of these years. When you participate in the celebration you’re helping other people notice their happiness too.   Today we have three goals: Toast in the month […]


Happiness Happens When You Look For It

by Pamela Gail Johnson on July 30, 2014

Happiness Happens When You Look For it - Happiness Happens When You Look For It

Taking Things For Granted Recently, I had an eye infection and my eyes were full of tears to the point that I could barely see. This was a wake-up call to value something I usually take for granted ~ my eyesight. Since I wear contacts to see, you’d think I’d remember to value my eyesight, […]


When Evil Haunts Happiness

by Pamela Gail Johnson on July 21, 2014

Evil Haunts Happiness - Secret Society Of Happy People

    When I saw the breaking news about the MH17 crash, due to what can only be described as an act of evil, my heart sank and a lump in my throat left me speechless, as my eyes filled with tears for those who had lost a loved one. This was a senseless loss […]


Kickstarter - Invite

Last week when I was watching Good Morning America I had no idea that a story about a Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign would inspire me for a Happiness Happens Month activity. But that’s one of the reasons being inspired is a type of happiness  … it’s arrival usually surprises us. But this story really starts […]


Happiness Happens Month Needs Your Help

by Pamela Gail Johnson on July 10, 2014

HHMS - Support Happiness

When I founded the Society in 1998 my goal was pretty simple: make the world happier one happy person at a time. It sounds naive. But one of the ways I thought we could do that was to have a day celebrating happiness. After our first amazing year we declared August 8, our birthday, as […]