International Day of Happiness

The best part of the Secret Society of Happy People is that most of us focus on happiness every day. But it’s extra special when the rest of the world joins us and today is one of those days. In 2012 the United Nations declared March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. This year […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

by Pamela Gail Johnson on March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day - IrishPrayer

HAPPY ST. PADDY’S DAY!!! I’m part Irish so naturally I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and wanted to share this Irish Prayer. I hope you’re wearing green, sharing in a green beverage toast and enjoying the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!!! Get your #Irish on this year with #SOHP @AskPamelaGail Click To Tweet


31 Shades Of Love

by Pamela Gail Johnson on February 9, 2015

31 Shades Of Love - SOHP - Secret Society Of Happy People

Love is a timeless enigma that we instinctively seek, yet, simultaneously fear. We know that we need love to be happy, but we also know that love makes our happiness vulnerable. Our vulnerability allows fear to mask itself as a protector of hurt and disappointment. Yet, ironically this supposed protection also prevents us from experiencing […]


A Hunt For Happiness Can Make You Happier

by Pamela Gail Johnson on January 12, 2015

Hunt for Happiness Week - January  18 - 24 2015

Happiness can be as simple as a happy moment, but what that moment entails can be different for everyone. The truth is what makes us happy changes as we change. If you just brought home a new baby, sleeping for more than two hours is happiness. If you just retired, finding a new hobby can […]


One Word – What’s Yours For 2015?

by Pamela Gail Johnson on December 28, 2014

What's Your Theme Word For The New Year?

Since list making is a hobby of mine, it’s only natural that I’m inclined to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions each year. Several years ago I started calling them goals and would space out when I’d start trying to achieve them over the course of the year. However, eventually it seemed the same […]


The True Spirit Of The Christmas Season

by Pamela Gail Johnson on December 21, 2014

Dec - True Spirit - G+P

I’m wishing you and yours a happy holiday. May your heart be filled with the magic of the season. Happy, happy … Pamela May your heart be filled with the magic of the season! Click To Tweet


Thanksgiving – The Most Thankful Time of the Year

by Pamela Gail Johnson on November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Tradition - The Most Thankful Time of The Year - Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP)

Americans Love Thanksgiving  “What’s your favorite holiday?” is one of the random questions I send to my peeps on Twitter. I’ve never actually tallied the answers, but if I had to bet, I would say Thanksgiving is the number one holiday for most of my American peeps. My international peeps respond to that same question […]

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Its Not About The Shark

Long-time Society friend, David Niven, PhD is sharing an excerpt from his new book, It’s Not About the Shark. You might know him from his book 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People.    Lessons from a Shark that Couldn’t Swim Director Steven Spielberg had a big problem. His film’s star was simply impossible to work […]


Three Ways To Simplify Life & Enjoy The Holidays More

by Pamela Gail Johnson on October 27, 2014

Young Girl Asleep on Pillow

Based on our Amused Members survey, the top Happiness Challengers for our Secret Society of Happy People Members are weight, money, stress and lack of sleep. I suspect they challenge happiness for everyone else too. The interesting part is that they are intertwined. When we’re stressed or tired we eat comfort foods. When we don’t have […]