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This year’s Happiness Happens Day is all about Selfies with the hashtag #HappinessHappens. I’ll be searching this throughout the day and some people will get an SOHP gift from me.

We want you to take and post 8 Selfies of the people, places and things that make  you happy. If you’re looking for ideas think:

  • Your Family
  • Groupie with Your Best Buds at Work
  • Your Favorite Restaurant
  •  A Stranger Who Made You Smile (tell them it’s Happiness Happens Month)
  • Your Favorite Spot to Relax
  • Your Pet(s)
  • Your Favorite Flower, Park or Tree
  • Your Favorite Shoes
  • A Happy Neighbor
  • Doing a Favorite Hobby
  • You get the idea … think of this as a my favorites photo album.

Toe Selfie Keren Lynn Photography

(Isn’t the toe SELFIE just ADORABLE? #HappinessHappens)


Why Did the Society Start Happiness Happens Day?

When the Society started in 1998 the emphasis on how to get happy was more about understanding what was wrong than recognizing what was right.

There’s weren’t any days dedicated to happiness so one of our members suggested we sponsor the first one. When you’re trying to pick the date for an ongoing holiday you want it to have symbolism.

We picked August 8th to be Happiness Happens Day because it’s our birth day.

We got our first member that I didn’t know from Lawrence, Kansas on August 8, 1997. The holiday was originally called Admit You’re Happy Day and was later changed to Happiness Happens.

For our first celebration in 1998 we asked the governors in all 50 states for proclamations. Find out how your governor responded.

In 2000, we expanded the celebration to be the month of August so you can celebrate whatever day makes you happy.

And if you missed Happiness Happens Day, no worries, you can celebrate anytime in August because it is Happiness Happens Monthor after August because Happiness Happens every day of the year.

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