Happiness Happens Day

August 8th is Happiness Happens Day. Although it appears to be a random day, it’s not. It was symbolic because that’s the day our first Cheerful Charter Member from Lawrence, Kansas joined. It’s not that I hadn’t inspired some of my relatives and friends to join sooner, but this was someone I didn’t know so to me that’s when the Society became the Society. That was August 8th, 1998 and Happiness Happens Day started in 1999. We’ll it was originally known as Admit You’re Happy Day and we later changed it to Happiness Happens.

We asked the governors in all 50 states for a proclamation in 1998. How did your governor respond? And no, we don’t ask for proclamations from the states that didn’t give us one every year for multiple reasons, including a place to put them and they do add an expense to the state. However, on our 20th anniversary I’m thinking a UN proclamation.

In 2000, we expanded the celebration to be the month of August so you can celebrate whatever day makes you happy.

If you’re celebrating Happiness Happens Day, please join us for HappyThon 2013.

And if you missed Happiness Happens Day, no worries, you can celebrate anytime in August because it is Happiness Happens Month … or after August because Happiness Happens every day of the year.

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