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15th Annual Happiness Happens Month - SOHP.com

You can’t have too much happy! And the Secret Society of Happy People would be a pretty poor organization if we didn’t help you plan special events to celebrate happiness.

We started the celebration in 1999 with Admit You’re Happy Day  on August 8th.  But our members wanted to let the happy feeling linger a little longer so in 2000 we expanded the celebration to the entire month of August.

If you make happiness a habit for a month, it won’t be hard to make it a year-long attitude.

How can you celebrate the Happiness Happens Month

  • Sign up to be a Happiness Happens Month Ambassador because you’ll get access to our secret online site that has additional celebration tools and ideas plus a Happiness Happens Guide you can print.
  • Toast in Happiness Happens Month on August 1 with Pink Lemonade ~ Why Pink Lemonade? Not-So-Secretly Happy People know how to turn lemons into lemonade.
  • Participate in the Happiness Happens Day Event August 8 (Details coming soon)
  • Use the hashtag #HappinessHappens when posting anything happy on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
  • Pass out SILVER kisses because not-so-secretly happy people have a way to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds
  • Become an Amused member of the Secret Society of Happy People (even happier, it’s FREE)
  • Have conversations about happiness … tell others what made you happy, and ASK them what made others happy too
  • Don’t rain on other peoples parades ~ or your own (if you can’t do it for yourself you can’t do it for others – read my blog: My Parade-Raining Confession)
  • Watch our What is Happiness? Video ~ it’ll help you recognize more happy moments to share
  • Lead a Happiness Happens Month Celebration Activity at work.
  • Vote for the Happiest Employee or Customer, have a Happy Expressions Pot Luck Lunch where everyone tells about their happiest moment at the company (best story wins a prize), or host a Happy Scavenger Hunt
  • Make a Happy Treasure Chest: A box full of the things that bring smiles to your face. Get a box and make it uniquely happy. Artistic members may want to decorate one and the crafts-challenged may choose to buy one. Then fill it with favorite photos; precious cards and letters; momentous and artifacts–movie tickets, playbills, jokes, happy quotes, cartoons, music, candles, videos, and the like. When you’re in need of a Happy Booster then look inside your Happy Treasure Chest and you’ll find plenty of smiles. It’s a great activity to do with others. Have a Happy Treasure Chest Party. You can even make one for someone who needs a happy pick-me-up! (Tip from Teri Sarin)
  • Happy Memories: Put a piece of paper on the wall with each person’s name. Then have either family members or co-workers draw or write down a happy memory that they experienced with that person
  • Host a Happiness Happens Celebration: Have a theme party with everyone wearing something from their favorite era (even if they didn’t live in it this lifetime) or pick your favorite era; make up a happy trivia game that includes things the happiest things about your city, county or state; but most important have fun
  • Share the Happiness:  Write Down or Post your Daily Happy Moment.  If you can’t think of one check the 31 Types of Happiness
  • When tucking your kids in for bed at night, take turns listing the happy moments you experienced that day (Tip from Cindy Fitzhugh, MA)
  • Have a Happy Expression Art Show.  Each person (friend or family member) through some form of art: drawings, painting, songs, writing, and on and on can express what makes them happy.  End with having a show and tell party.  (Tip from Kimla Cotropia, Ph.D)

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