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I loved the simple yet profound message in this book. Learning about the 31 types of happiness really helped me understand my husband’s love of nostalgia, even though it makes me sad – it makes him happy! There are so many ways to be happy. Also the book confirmed why at 52 my definition of happiness is dramatically different than it was at 20 – understandably so! The stories in the book from real people living real lives were inspiring and show how happiness can happen even in the middle of difficulty- we just need to know where and how to look. This book is easy to understand and the principles can quickly be put into practice by everyone no matter where you fall on the happiness scale. Here’s to more and different kinds of happiness in 2022!

Debra Simon


“Understanding the Importance of Happiness…”

This important book on HAPPINESS enters the world at a time when happiness seems more elusive than ever. Pamela Gail Johnson has been researching and writing about happiness and stress management for many many years. Her latest book, PRACTICAL HAPPINESS, describes four simple yet deeply healing principles that can help us better understand the nature of this essential emotion. By incorporating multiple stories of people she has interviewed over the years, she offers real-life examples of how moments of happiness can affect our darkest experiences and turn our lives around – and why denied happiness is as detrimental to our wellbeing as any other denied emotion. Superbly written and profoundly healing, PRACTICAL HAPPINESS is a gem that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Christine DeLorey


“This is a book for all ages and includes stories from real people finding happiness in every day life.”

Practical Happiness is a great read and is also a reminder that joy happens in so many ways. Enjoy every time it happens, this book will brighten your day and have you smiling.

Jennifer Gilliland


“A More than Practically Happy Read”

In these trying times when trying to be happy is not always practical, Pamela Gail Johnson offers some much needed help.

Patricia Schutte 


“Very easy to read, very easy to apply to life!”

This book is a great quick read. It has been easy to apply these practices to life.

Craig Raphael

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