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Hunt For Happiness Week 2021

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How many times have you heard happiness is a choice?

Too many times to count, right?

And, if happiness is a choice, why do even the happiest people find themselves in a happiness slump sometimes?

Even though there is an abundance of happiness in everyone’s life — if we chose to acknowledge it — more often than not, the experiences that get the majority of our attention are our Happiness Zappers…

  • Unhappiness
  • Chaos
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Annoyances

Unfortunately, our brains are just hard-wired to do that… and everyone experienced an abundance of Happiness Zappers in 2020.

We also start January off with big hopes of creating the life of our dreams. We set goals. We start to take actions to achieve them.

However, a few weeks in our enthusiasm for these changes often waivers since we don’t get instant results.

The cold, cloudy, dark, dank winter weather can also contribute to our discontentment this time of year.

And, in January, a lot of people experience what I think of as a “Holiday Hoopla Hangover” from the end of all of the holidays that started in the fall — even though our holidays were a little different in 2020.

Now, everyone is anxiously waiting for the COVID vaccine to manage this pandemic with the hope of life returning to normal.

So, what can you do when you find yourself in a happiness slump?

You put a little more effort into hunting for happiness!

That’s why the Society of Happy People started Hunt for Happiness Week in January 2001 — to encourage people to actively look for more happiness.

And if you’re blessed and aren’t in a winter happiness slump, the question is, “Can you experience too much happiness?”

I don’t think so…

So, you should join the happiness hunt too. 

How are we celebrating Hunt for Happiness Week?

This year we’re being realistic with our happiness and simply encouraging everyone to simply Raise Your Vibe by joining our Hunt for Happiness Week Raise Your Vibe Challenge.

So, what does Raise Your Vibe Mean?

It’s simple. It means feeling a little better than you did.

Depending on what’s going on in your life, feeling a little better even if it’s not an exuberant type of happiness, can raise your vibe and help you feel happier.

Join Us!

Each day for the next seven days you’ll get a video and email with a Type of Happiness to notice that day to help Raise Your Vibe.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’ll take you less than 5 minutes a day to Hunt for Happiness and Raise Your Vibe!

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