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#HappinessUnites Tour

The Hallmark Channel, my television happy place, recently previewed an upcoming movie where someone says something like, “You get so busy doing what you think you should do, that you don’t do what you are supposed to do.“

For the past few years, I’ve wanted to take a road trip to talk to people about happiness. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out yet because my list of “should do’s” didn’t make it possible. That’s changed with my launch of Happier @ Work. It’s finally an option for me to take a few trips to meet some of our Society members and other happy people in different parts of the country. Of course, I’d like to meet more Dallas-Fort Worth members too.

The timing also feels serendipitous for another reason. Many people spend so much time focusing on our differences that we’ve forgotten our similarities. This unhappy truth and my personal timing has inspired me to take my #HappinessUnites Tour this year.

Here are three of the reasons a #HappinessUnites Tour can help make the world smile more:

We Need to Remember Happiness Unites

As different as people are, we share a lot in common. While what makes us happy may be different for each person, the feeling of happiness is universal. Consider these experiences:

  • When you meet friends for dinner, it doesn’t matter if you live in New York City or Bangs,Texas (a shout-out in memory of my mom), the happiness shared from conversations, laughs and spending time together with friends is the same.
  • When people go to a concert to listen to their favorite bands, it doesn’t matter if that band is Norwegian heavy metal or pop. The euphoria you feel from dancing and singing along to your favorite songs (often with complete strangers) is all that matters.
  • When a parent holds their baby for the first time, it doesn’t matter if they live in Lincoln, Nebraska or Kuwait, the infinite love they feel is universal.

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My #HappinessUnites Tour will help remind us of the experiences that unite people despite our differences. At the moment, my list has more than 100 things on it, and I keep adding to it every day.

It’s Fun & Silly

It’s easy to put together a list of things to do to make us happy. When we read the list we usually smile, and think, “I should try that,” but life happens, and the list gets put to the side.

The #HappinessUnites Tour will put happiness in action. “Adulting” often feels like a series of to do lists. Even when fun things are on the list, they aren’t always fun because our head is thinking about what I have to do next.

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The #HappinessUnites Tour will have all of the above. Hopefully some of you will join me for a little vicarious fun, or even, go on your own #HappinessUnites Tour.

My Bucket List

Some of the fun and silly experiences on my #HappinessUnites Tour list are also on my bucket list. I want to visit some places and do some things I’ve never done before. Planning my tour has got me thinking outside of my normal happy routine and challenged me to discover new happy moments.

I’ve considered releasing what’s on my #HappinessUnites Tour list, but decided that I’ll announce it when I do it. That way it’s a fun surprise for all, and who knows, I may keep adding to my list and stay on tour forever.

The one bucket list item I’ve already shared is that I want to meet more happy people. If you’ve been part of the Secret Society of Happy People for years, let’s meet. If you just found the Society, I want to meet you too. Let me know if you’re a Society member living in another country, because I’m considering an international #HappinessUnites Tour. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I’ll be doing lots of things near you. However we’ve connected, if you’d like to meet me on my #HappinessUnits Tour, please leave me a comment below with your name and city.

The world needs to remember that happiness can unite us. Imagine all of the wonderful things we can do together when we celebrate the reality that #HappinessUntes.

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I’m so excited to meet up with you and all of the new people I’ll meet on my #HappinessUnites Tour, and I’m most excited to continue celebrating the unity that makes us stronger.

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