If you wonder why we’re recognizing Smile Starters here are some comments from Robin’s Smile Starters. 

She used the free certificates, printed and gave them out. I think she recognized over 100 people. It made her smile too. ????

Each day this week there are 3 Smile Starter Hunts.
If you haven’t signed up to be a Smile Starter Presenter you can do that below. That’s where you estimate how many Smile Starter Awards you plan to award. This lets us count your number toward our goal of recognizing 1 Million Smile Starters.
Once you sign up you’ll get your free graphics — including the ones for pets. We also have some awards that you can purchase if that makes you smile.
Also, this week we want to make it easier for people to find smile starting posts on social media. The easiest way to do that — tag posts that make you smile with #SmileStarter. 

Hunt for Happiness Week — Day Six

  • Recognize someone at your workplace or that you spend a significant part of your day with who makes you smile.
  • Recognize your favorite smile starting Friday happening. If you’re on social media make a post like: Friday is a #SmileStarter for me because “and tell what you like best about Fridays.” 
  • Recognize someone else’s social media post with the #SmileStarter hashtag in the comments or share it with the #SmileStarter hashtag.

We want to make it easier for people to find social media posts that start smiles.

If you don’t see any, check out my social media pages, the Society’s FB page, or the Happiness Happens Month page.

Thank you for helping us hunt for a little happiness and starting a few smiles.

Want To Start A Few Smiles?

You can donate our unique Smile Starter Award bookmarks to either a school, library, or community organization. If you want to start a few smiles but don’t know where to donate them we’ll find a place.

And your donation will help us reach our goal of One Million Smile Starter Awards.

Of course, you can also buy some to pass out to your personal Smile Starters. ????

How Did You Hear About Us

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