Happiness Happens Month

Happiness Happens Month 2021 is extra happy this year because we are also celebrating our rescheduled Hunt for Happiness Week the first seven days of August, and our original holiday, Happiness Happens Day on August 8.

This year it’s a simple theme for all of the celebrations…


Count Your Happy

This year’s celebration breaks down this way…

Hunt for Happiness Week – August 1 – 7

Each day we’ll announce something different that should start a few smiles that you can also count. Join our Happiness Happens Month FB Group or follow me on Instagram or Twitter to see our daily posts. And yes, we’ll be sending them in a daily email, too!

Happiness Happens Day – August 8

Of course, we’ll do our traditional pink lemonade toast (or your favorite beverage), and count the number of people who are toasting with you. We’re definitely making it a party!

The Happiness Happens Month celebration continues…
August 9 – 31

Count Your Happy Moments Based On The Thirty-One Types of Happiness!

Although it sounds easy to count your happy moments, we often only remember the big ones. We don’t think about all of the small moments that actually made us feel good, made us smile, made us happy.

So, this month, let’s have some fun and do the best you can to get in the habit of counting how much happiness you actually experience in a day. Let’s see how much happier you are when you Count Your Happy.

To help you stay on track, you can use our printable Happiness Counter or get our SOHP app for when you’re on your phone.

And if you need some help finding more happiness sign-up for the Five Day Raise Your Vibe Challenge based on the Thirty-One Types of Happiness.

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Happiness Counters

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Love Exchange of $10 or more

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We’re still living in a pandemic so there’ll be days you may need a mask depending on what you’re doing — so you might as well start a few smiles sealed 

Thank you for supporting Happiness Happens Month and the Society of Happy People. You’re helping make the world a happier place.

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