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Author’s Note: I’ve made a list of 100+ events, places and experiences that happily unite people.  I’m taking a tour to see and experience as many of them as possible, and also meet up with Society members and friends. Of course, I’ll be sharing these #HappinessUnites moments with you. Or find out more of the why’s of the #HappinessUnites Tour in my article: 3 Reasons I’m Hittin’ the Road. Or find where my #HappinessUnites Tour has taken me so far – and what I’ve had time to write about. If you want to meet up with me, check out my #HappinessUnites Tour schedule.

#HappinessUnites Tour – Stop 20: Seances

If you know me well, then you know I’d call myself a spiritual eclectic. Don’t mistake that for meaning I don’t believe in God. On the contrary, I believe our relationship with God is a reflection of our every thought, action and breath we take. My spiritual eclectic-ness means I like to explore lots of spiritual ideas.

I saw a post from my Facebook friend, MarVeena Meek that she was hosting a Halloween Eve Séance. I’d never been to a séance, so I figured it might be fun to do. I asked one of my other spiritually eclectic friends if she’d be interested in joining me, and she said why not? I figured that the people who got messages would be happy they went. Since this séance was for a small group, it felt like a unique #HappinessUnites Tour Stop.

We’d received an email asking if we’d like to bring pictures of anyone we might want to receive a message from. I brought one of my mom and my dad. My mom crossed over to the next place 13 years ago, so I felt a message from her would be nice. However, my dad only crossed over a little over a year ago, so I really wasn’t sure I was ready to hear from him. Nevertheless, I took his picture, too.

MarVeena greeted us when we arrived. MarVeena doesn’t fit the stereotype of your typical psychic – medium. She’s a Texas cowgirl – literally. She lives on a ranch, has horses that she adores and wears cowboy boots with jeans. Oh, and she has a Texas twang. We placed our pictures on the alter with a candle burning, then sat in the circle of chairs. In total, there were around 20 people attending the séance. After some general chit-chat, MarVeena turned off the lights, then said a prayer, and the séance had officially started.

Everyone in the circle was eager to hear from someone who’d passed away. The spirits seemed to talk randomly to MarVeena – meaning she didn’t start talking to the spirits of the person at one end of the circle, then to the next person, and so on. Instead, she talk to whoever’s spirits talked to her.

It doesn’t feel right to share anyone’s specific messages, because the bond with the other participants felt sacred. If you were at the séance, you were sharing with strangers not only your love of someone, but also your grief. You shared a piece of your heart and soul – the things that make you feel vulnerable.

Both of the people that were sitting next to me cried when they received their messages, and one laughed. I guess that was the most surprising part of the séance—that so many people laughed at the messages they received from their loved ones because they knew it would be something they would say.

Ironically, I was only told that my mom was there towards the end of the séance, but she really didn’t give me a message. The next day I messaged MarVeena about it and she said she felt strongly that my mom was there but just wasn’t saying much. Now, if you knew my mom, it’s wasn’t like her to keep quiet. She was quite chatty. However, maybe my mom knew that hearing a message might have made me more sad than happy that night, so even on the other side, she was being my mom and doing what I needed.

As we were leaving the séance, everyone was chatting and laughing. To my surprise, the messages from the other side made people feel happier than sad, so it truly was a #HappinessUnites moment — even if things were a little spooky.

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