Celebrate the 22nd Hunt for Happiness Week
January 15 – 21, 2023

Thanks for celebrating the 22nd Hunt for Happiness Week with us.

Each year we pick a theme. Since so many studies report record highs for people feeling stressed, burned out, anxious, and depressed, we’re focusing on Practical Happiness Principle Two: Happiness Zappers are Manageable.

Some days happiness is about more than simply feeling good or happy. Sometimes it’s about managing our Happiness Zappers – those moments that take away from a lot to a little bit of our happiness.

For the next seven days, you’ll focus on managing your Happiness Zappers, so they don’t manage you.

Day One: Raise Your Vibe by finding your Zap the Happiness Zapper Wand. Watch last year’s Hunt for Happiness Week Video to get some wand ideas.

Day Two: Learn about the Happiness Zapper Unhappiness

Day Three: Learn about the Happiness Zapper Stress

Day Four: Learn about the Happiness Zapper Fear

Day Five: Learn about the Happiness Zapper Chaos

Day Six: Learn about the Happiness Zapper Annoyances

Day Seven: Let’s create your ZAP-MAP: Zapper Management Action Plan

When you manage your Happiness Zappers, it’s easier to experience more happiness.


Hunt for Happiness Week Special – $98

This stuff can be overwhelming! If you’d like some help and support, here’s an exceptional opportunity to work one-on-one with Pamela Gail Johnson, Society Founder and author of Practical Happiness, for a two-session coaching call to create a ZAP-MAP for one of your Happiness Zappers.

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