The Secret Society of Happy People is happy to report the results to our poll What Makes Us Happiest About the Holidays:

  • Seeing Friends & Family: 69.5%
  • Festive Atmosphere:  58.2%
  • Giving Presents: 55.4%
  • Holiday Music, Movies & Theater: 43.8%
  • Religious Meanings & Celebrations: 43.4%
  • Holiday Food, Feasting & Parties: 43.4%
  • Decorating: 36.9%
  • People Seem Nicer:  33.3%
  • Cooking: 31.3%
  • Time Off Work: 30.5%
  • Holiday Cards or Greetings: 28.5%
  • Santa Clause: 20.1%
  • Community Events – Parades & Festivals: 19.7%
  • Volunteering: 17.3%
  • Getting Presents: 14.9%
  • When It’s Finally Over: 13.3%
  • Shopping & Holiday Deals: 10.0%
  • Traveling: 9.2%

We also had some great responses in the “Other” category, but the one that stuck out was “How still things are when the stores are closed Christmas Day.” And many of the other responses actually fit into one of the above categories.

Overall the results reflect the happiness we get from spending time with those we care about the most and sharing everything from gifts to food to decorations. It really proves that the holidays are about people not things — unless we’re giving them because that makes us happy.

These poll results are based on the participation of 249 not-so-secretly happy people. Thank you!

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