People think happiness is a singular feeling, but it isn’t. The real way to feel happier is to expand your definition of happiness and manage your Happiness Zappers.

Pamela Gail Johnson, founder of the Society of Happy People, identified the four practical happiness, principles that have helped thousands of people shift their mindset so they naturally notice more happiness whether it feels sparse, abundant, or somewhere in-between.

Pamela shares real stories from real people who put the four practical happiness principles in action. With thought-provoking workbook-style questions, you can apply these principles to your life. You’ll discover:

  • How happiness is unique to you and your circumstances
  • How to manage common experiences that zap your happiness
  • How happiness changes
  • Thirty-One Types of Happiness

If you’re tired of positive thinking, to-do lists, or scientific-based books about happiness, you’ll love the simple and realistic approach Practical Happiness takes for you to improve your life. It should come with a warning label–CAUTION: You will feel happier. 

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People Are Saying The Nicest Things…

“Want to know why we find happy people annoying? Because they don’t fully understand what happiness is. They think it’s about ALWAYS being happy, upbeat, cheerful, and chipper. So, they fake it. The faking is what annoys us. Pamela has given us a way to be happy and to mean it. Practically. Realistically. Authentically. And while we will not always be happy in every moment, at least we can be happy consistently and with meaning. Give this book to someone as a gift and you could be giving them the gift of real happiness. Who knows? Maybe that person is yourself.”

Tim David

Author of Magic Words, The Four Levels of Influencing People, and The 7-Day Digital Diet
“Practical Happiness is a well-researched, yet applicable method to taking charge of your own happiness and bettering your life.”

David Burkus

Author of Leading from Anywhere, Friend of a Friend, and Myths of Creativity

“Pamela Gail Johnson’s Practical Happiness is a practically perfect resource for understanding, recognizing, and building happiness in your life. She includes demonstrations of how happiness can be personal and enables the reader to find their own personal happiness inducers. She explains how to manage “happiness zappers” and even create a personal “zap map” to navigate them. She explores how happiness changes as we change, and helps us know how to help our happiness grow with us. And she helps you explore how you experience thirty-one different types of happiness, and expand your experience of each of them. With her personal, easy-to-digest, highly readable tone, Johnson walks you through all the ways in which happiness is an inside job, and how you can get more happiness inside of yourself. This page-turner is packed with wisdom you can put to use right now.”

Elizabeth Scott, PhD

Author of 8 Keys to Stress Management and founder of
“Pursuing happiness is the most basic of human objectives but yet one that can remain elusive. In a time where languishing seems more the norm than flourishing, what could be more timely than a pragmatic perspective on how to cultivate happiness! Pamela has created a practical guide to build a skill that is crucial to enhance our individual life experience and our collective energy of gratitude and optimism.”

Susan Sobbott

Board Member, Senior Advisor, & former American Express President of OPEN, GCP, GCS

“Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life, is a wonderful book! It is filled with simple ways to increase your happiness. Read this book and be happier!”

Mike Duffy

Author of The Happiness Book: A Positive Guide To Happiness and Founder Of The Happiness Hall Of Fame
“The emotionally-charged stories Pamela shares from interviewing dozens of people who chose “to be happy no matter what” give all of us deeper understanding of “real” happiness in practical terms that can be easily applied to every-day life.”

Dennis Yu

Host of the Coach Yu Show
“Pamela Johnson walks her talk. I did TV news stories on her two decades ago and since then, her mission to spread happiness and educate people on how to ‘dial up the smile’ has gone around the planet. This book is packed with actionable items that anyone can easily implement. The stress of the pandemic has made this book more necessary now than ever.”

Jeff Crilley

Former Emmy Award Winning Reporter and CEO of Real News PR
“A great read for anyone who is looking for practical tips and strategies to create more happiness in their lives. Pamela allows you to take a different approach to creating your happiness, and shares stories that are relatable and inspiring.”

Michelle Wax

founder, American Happiness Project
“The four principles taught in Practical Happiness are so simple to apply. I love that it has a fill-in-the blank workbook style so you can take action while you read. Read this with a pen if you’re ready to smile again.”

Jeff J. Hunter

Founder of & Creator of the CORE Branding Method

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