If you’re anything like me — a Social Butterfly introvert — yes, it’s an oxymoron 😊 you’re BEYOND EXHAUSTED right now…

You’re simply EMOTIONALLY drained…

The news and social media are overflowing with negativity…

Your meet-ups with family and friends simply aren’t the same as they were a year ago… and we really don’t know when that will change.

You’re sad because you know how people close to you, and even strangers, are being affected by this global health challenge…

Thank you. For being a smile and a light in the midst of this mess. It’s tough, and you’re finding new ways to brighten people’s day. I never knew about your site until August, and I’ve put it to use nearly every single day at work. Cause it’s important to my residents. It’s important to my kids. It’s important to me. I find myself opening your emails before any others simply to help me start the day off right.

Melissa -- Clovis, NM


You want things to feel NORMAL again.

You want to feel GOOD again.

You want to raise your VIBE.

You want to feel good so you can:

  • Feel Happy And Excited Again
  • Attract More Of What You Want
  • Live Fully In The Present

You’ve been doing the usual raise your vibe things: meditating, time outside, exercising, baths and candles, and even affirmations, blah, blah, blah…

This challenge made me more aware of how low my vibe had gotten in this tough time. What’s more, it gave me a tool to help raise it through awareness of the happy things that surround me daily. I’m so glad I took the challenge and look forward to working on increasing the other 26 Types of Happiness in my life.

Ferrell -- Logan, UT

But your vibe still isn’t where you WANT it to be. Where you really NEED it to be.

You need something DIFFERENT. Something NEW to help you.

You know your brain is biologically wired to focus on danger, right? All of those big hairy, scary things… And there’s lots of scary right now.

However, your brain is also wired to find answers to the questions you ask.

So, let’s ask a different question!

How BIG is happiness?

What if I told you that there are 31 Types of Happiness?

What if I showed you how to find 5 of those different types of happiness?

What if you spent a little time each day looking for one of those 5 Types of Happiness?

What if you learned how to use all that happy energy to raise your personal vibe?

Can you imagine the amazing possibilities you can create if your vibe is running at a higher vibration?

YES!?! Perfect!

Then you need to discover how BIG happiness can truly be!

Here’s your invitation to join the 5 Day Raise Your Vibe Challenge.

What’s that Pamela?

GLAD you asked!!!

For the next 5 days you will be introduced to a new type of happiness though a daily:

  • Short – no more than 3 minutes – Raise Your Vibe video
  • Email explaining that day’s type of happiness

Then that day you’ll focus on looking for and noticing that type of happiness.

At the end of the challenge, you’ll have increased your happiness mindset with five ways to raise your vibe anytime you need or want to feel better, happier, and more vibrant.

This challenge is so important at this time, and best of all, it’s FREE 💖

Click To Register…

So needed during this difficult time…

Patricia -- Johnstown, PA

Just completed day 5 of the raise your vibe challenge and I loved it!💜
All great, wonderful ideas.
Each day I could totally relate.
Loved that the videos were quick, to the point, and meaningful.
You are a true gem.

Thank YOU and With Gratitude, Caroline 🙂

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