We’d all like to turn back the clock and not need the new socially responsible fashion accessory of 2020, the mask, but that’s not possible. So, we might as well make wearing them fun, happy, and a #SmileStarter.

When you see someone else wear their mask it should be a #SmileStarter for everyone because we know that person cares for others around them.

And because it can be more difficult to spot those smiles underneath our face masks – even though more people do seem to be ‘smiling’ with their eyes – let’s let our masks smile for us by choosing designs and colors that are happy, upbeat, funny and inspirational!

Or you can even make one of your own!  Then wear your #SmileStarter Mask on August 8, Happiness Happens Day, to raise your spirits and those of others around you.

Yes, the Society has ordered a small number of masks to celebrate that will be available in August (but not by Happiness Happens Day). Pre-order yours now.

Of course, since we need to wear our masks every day you can share your #SmileStarter Mask any day in August and post pics on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. 

The Society of Happy People’s goal is to fill social media and the streets with people wearing happy masks, particularly on the organization’s 22nd annual Happiness Happens Day on August 8.

Let’s embrace that masks are the key to us getting to spend time with the people who make us smile and make them fun.

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