Anyone else just feeling emotionally spent? 
There just seems to be an unstable energy in the air between COVID fatigue and the protests–which has also tragically led to other challenges with rioting, looting, and arson. 
It’s like we woke up at the end of February and our world changed. And it’s still changing. We’re desperately trying to find something that feels reassuring and familiar–and with things changing every single day, it’s just not possible.
Life just feels exhausting right now. So, how do you find and keep your happy? 
A few things helping me are:
  • Accepting it’s okay to feel a little bummed sometimes. There are sad things going on. Sometimes releasing a few tears actually makes me feel better too.
  • Limit my time on social media and watching the news.
  • Taking advantage of the reopening–I’ve meet up with friends a few times for nice meals at restaurants. Of course, I’ve stayed safe–masks and social distancing. The people time makes me smile. And I’ve gone to visit a few friends at home too.
  • I took advantage of an online sale and got a cute pair of sandals–still waiting for them to arrive. Your treat might be something else, but treat yourself. 
People are feeling lots of things. Some of us recognize our feelings, others don’t. But almost everyone seems to be on a shorter than usual fuse–maybe not for the exact same reasons but the result is the same. We’re all fatigued by something. 
Be nice to you, be compassionate to others, and believe things will get better because they will. 
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Happiness Happens Month is evolving. What do you think of our slightly revised theme from last week:  
Operation #SmileStarter
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Are you looking for happy posts on FB? If so, search our hashtag: #SmileStarter. I post with it but I also tag other #SmileStarter posts too. Happiness is still happening even when we have to look harder for it. 
Please wear your mask, stay safe, and things will keep getting happier. 
Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles!!
Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to:
Treat Yourself  
Give yourself a little treat …
get something new to wear this summer–yoga pants count,
take a class, or go to / order from your favorite restaurant.  
Sometimes we just need to feel a little special. 
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I went to dinner with my neighbor Nora (who’d just gotten her first hair cut).
We were safe, the restaurant is following limited capacity. We had masks.
But it was so nice to be waited on, eat fab food and have a conversation with someone.
I really didn’t know how much I miss restaurants until I couldn’t go to them.
Take-out is okay but it’s not the same experience.


We have a new SOHP Subscriber Resource page with lots of the goodies for you to download.

While I know some of you are doing well–thanks for sharing your stories with me–I also know many people are feeling some challenging feelings.

Therefore, I decided to postpone the launch of the Raise Your Vibe Challenge–it will be coming soon, but right now, for the next few days or weeks I feel we needed something a little more soulfully focused.

I’m hosting an 8 pm CDT (most evenings) Restore, Pray & Love FB Live.

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Thursday, June 4 

  • Hug Your Cat Day
  • Corgi Day
  • Cognac Day

Friday, June 5

  • Doughnut Day
  • HIV Long Term Survivors Day
  • Moonshine Day
  • Fish and Chip Day
  • Hot Air Balloon Day
  • World Environment Day

Saturday, June 6

  • Gardening Exercise Day
  • Caves and Karst Day
  • Trails Day
  • Applesauce Cake Day
  • Yo-Yo Day
  • Russian Language Day
  • Drive-In Movie Day

Sunday, June 7

  • Cancer Survivors Day
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Monday, June 8
  • Best Friends Day
  • World Oceans Day
  • Upsy Daisy Day

Tuesday, June 9

  • Rosé Day
  • Donald Duck Day

Wednesday, June 10

  • Iced Tea Day
  • Ballpoint Pen Day
Now that we are getting out again 
these are fun ways to start a few smiles for others.  ????   


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