This week has been sad for me–even dark. The 100K+ COVID-19 deaths, George Floyd’s death, and the woman making a false threat in Central Park have hurt my heart.
Actually I’ve shed a few tears seeing the worst of man. But I have hope because I know this isn’t reflective of the majority of people. We will get through this sad and dark time.   
Happiness isn’t the absence of sadness. Our sadness for others is our empathy. And empathy is a reflection of how much we love others. So it hurts us too–but it’s what defines our humanity.  
Are any of you feeling sad? If so, it’s okay to be sad and experience happiness too. Sometimes we just have to make a little extra effort to recognize it. Don’t forget we have 31 Types of Happiness to look for — and there’s a Happiness Tracker in the Resource Center
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On a happier note, I’m pondering the theme for Happiness Happens Month in August — and it makes me smile. Last year we recognized the people who are our #SmileStarters. This year, what do you think of the theme:
Be a #SmileStarter
Then, we’ll do things that can make others smile. I’m already working on a list–some that we can do wearing a mask and being socially distant. The world needs more smiles.  
And speaking of someone who was a #SmileStarter, Curtis, who’s 7, held a prom for his babysitter when hers was canceled. He’s already a ladies man. This story made my day and thought you’d enjoy it too. 
Please wear your mask, stay safe, and we will get through this–even the hard days
Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles!!
Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to:
Do Something Silly 
Find your inner silly kid … do something fun, even childish.  
Finger paint, dance naked, sing in the shower,
make an ice cream sundae, wear a tiara,
watch cartoons, paint your face,
but mostly just find something fun to do
that you normally don’t so you smile and laugh.
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Flowers always start a smile for me.
My mom loved yellow roses so this bouquet reminds me of her. It’s like double the smiles.
If you find yourself feeling blue or sad … consider getting a bouquet of flowers from your garden or the store. 

We have a new SOHP Subscriber Resource page with lots of the goodies for you to download.

While I know some of you are doing well–thanks for sharing your stories with me–I also know many people are feeling some challenging feelings.

Therefore, I decided to postpone the launch of the Raise Your Vibe Challenge–it will be coming soon, but right now, for the next few days or weeks I feel we needed something a little more soulfully focused.

I’m hosting an 8 pm CDT (most evenings) Restore, Pray & Love FB Live.

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Thursday, May 28

  • Amnesty International Day
  • Hamburger Day
  • Brisket Day

Friday, May 29

  • Biscuit Day
  • Paper Clip Day

Saturday, May 30

  • Mint Julep Day
  • Water a Flower Day
  • Loomis Day

Sunday, May 31

  • World Meditation Day 
  • No Tobacco Day
  • Save Your Hearing Day
  • Macaroon Day
Monday, June 1
  • Say Something Nice Day
  • Thank God It’s Monday Day
  • Go Barefoot Day
  • World Milk Day
  • TableTop Day
  • Love Island Day

Tuesday, June 2

  • Rocky Road Day
  • Leave the Office Early Day
  • Rotisserie Chicken Day

Wednesday, June 3

  • World Bicycle Day
  • Running Day
  • Repeat Day
  • Chocolate Macaroon Day
Because even in the summer we need hot beverages … or ice cream ????   


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