How’s your personal Groundhog Day Movie going?
If you’re like me, everyday is starting to feel like it’s on repeat without the character switches in the real Groundhog Day movie.
However, I wonder if one of our lessons is the same as the movie — accepting and making the most of your life regardless of the circumstances.
I realize if you’re an “essential” employee that interacts with people in healthcare, retail, restaurant take out, government services, deliveries, supply chain or other numerous other jobs then your life may be mostly the same. Well, other than the extra stress of finding supplies, home schooling, and worrying about your health. I send you prayers for your health safety.
For everyone else, I send you a laugh.
Okay, I fibbed a bit — one things that’s not stagnate is that my nails keep growing. They don’t seem to know we’re living in a Groundhog Day movie. I’ve found some acetone, so today I hope to take the powder off and cut them. I don’t think they’ve had fresh air in close to twenty years. 
What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during your social isolation Groundhog Day movie? Doing anything funny or creative? 
Social isolation is going to last longer than we want it to. It’s going to get more annoying. But it’s important that we follow the rules. At the time of this email we’re nearing more than 30K people in the US that have lost their lives to COVID-19 in a little over six weeks.
Think of it this way. There are 765 cities in American that have 25 – 50K residents. We have reduced our country size by one of these cities in a very short amount of time. It can’t be compared to the yearly flu or other pandemics. 
So please follow the rules: Social isolate, wear masks and gloves. Each of you are part of my extended happy family.  I love you, so please stay safe.  
 ???? ???? ????
If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID, work in the healthcare field, an open retail store, or are distributing food please send me an email — I have something for you.
If you need some social media smiles, search the hashtag #SmileStarter for posts that will add to your smiles. 
We will get through this, we will be stronger and better after.
In the meantime, stay strong, stay home, and stay safe. 

Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles,

Pamela Gail

Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to:
Practice Self-Love 
You may find yourself feeling a little cranky
for no reason other than you feel like your living
in your own Groundhog Day movie. 
Remember, everyone is doing the best that they can right now,
including you. 
Practice a little self-love this week.
If you need to let yourself cry, take a bath,
run, watch a funny movie, call an old friend or write in your journal.  
Do something to make yourself feel a little loved.   
❤️ ❤️ ❤️  
There are lots of funny graphics on social media that make me smile.
This one made me laugh out loud so it was a big #SmileStarter. 

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While I know some of you are doing well–thanks for sharing your stories with me–I also know many people are feeling some challenging feelings.

Therefore, I decided to postpone the launch of the Raise Your Vibe Challenge–it will be coming soon, but right now, for the next few days or weeks I feel we needed something a little more soulfully focused.

I’m hosting an 8 pm CDT (most evenings) Restore, Pray & Love FB Live.

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Thursday, April 16

  • Wear Your PJ’s to Work Day 
  • High Five Day
  • Save the Elephant Day
  • Eggs Benedict Day

Friday, April 17

  • Blah, Blah, Blah Day
  • Cheeseball Day
  • Kickball Day
  • Day of Silence
  • Bat Appreciation Day
  • Ford Mustang Day
  • Nothing Like a Dame Day

Saturday, April 18

  • Pinata Day
  • Husband Appreciation Day
  • Record Store Day

Sunday, April 19

  • Orthodox Easter
  • Bicycle Day
  • Rice Ball Day
  • Hanging Out Day
  • Poetry and Creative Mind Day
  • Garlic Day
  • Amaretto Day
Monday, April 20
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day
  • Chinese Language Day

Tuesday, April 21

  • World Creativity and Innovation Day
  • Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
  • Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
  • American Red Cross Giving Day
  • Tea Day
  • Library Workers Day
  • Kindergarten Day

Wednesday, April 22

  • Earth Day
  • Administrative Professionals Day
  • Jelly Bean Day
  • Bookmobile Day
  • Stationery Day
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