Thank you for your emails letting me know how you are doing. Each of you has a special place in my heart.   
This week, I’m asking, “How can the Society of Happy People help you navigate these challenging times?”
Every day when I listen to and read the news I want to close my eyes and go to sleep. I’d either wake-up a few weeks ago, or preferably a few months from now, when our “new normal” stops changing every day. 
But instead I’m living in what feels like the part of Alice in Wonderland when she says: “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
Every few decades the world has a moment that will forever change our souls. It appears that we are in one of them. Everyone will have their COVID-19 story they remember and tell for years. Now, how these moments change us is up to us. 
We’re living with uncertainty — a lot of it. And, that impacts our normal happiness. 
I can understand how that’s making many of you feel, because my normal happy energy is lower too. And, it’s okay to feel what you are feeling. Just be sure to look for ways to shift out of fearful energy as often as you can. 
And, if you aren’t impacted by the uncertainty, be grateful and do everything you can to lift and light up as many as you can because the world needs your special light! 
In the meantime, please let me know how the Society can help you have a few more smiles during our ever changing new normal. 
We will get through this. There will be bright spots in the middle of the chaos we just have to keep looking for them.  
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One of the things I’m working on this week is a Raise Your Vibe Challenge. Details coming soon because who can’t use a little vibe enhancer right now.
I’m sending each of you prayers so that you and yours stay healthy and safe.

Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles,

Pamela Gail

Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to: 
Get Fresh Air
Many of you are spending the majority of your time at home.  
You’re working from home, home schooling, and 
not able to participate in your normal routine because places are closed.
It’s really important that you get some fresh air:
Take a walk
Sit on your patio or balcony
Go on a bike ride
Work in your garden
Open a window
Your routine needs to adapt right now to help #flattenthecurve,
but you also need to connect with fresh air as often as you can. 
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Everyone is dealing with a big unprecedented happiness zapper. For most of us it will create some chaos and annoyances. For some of us it will cause unhappiness that requires finding a new normal. 
The impact of this is beyond our health. It’s changing our way of life — our routines, our social interactions, and it will impact many financially. If you or someone close to you becomes really ill there will be additional impacts. 
So, how do you find and keep even a little happy right now.
  • Limit your news. Stay informed but don’t listen to the news 24/7. 
  • Pick up your phone and call someone to have an adult conversation. Of course, you’re going to talk about what you are doing to get through this health crisis, but try to keep it as positive as possible. And it’s healthy to vent your fears, just don’t let them consume you. 
  • Participate in the online fun. Take a yoga class, listen to some of the fabulous musicians doing online concerts, go on virtual field trips and museum tours, create a movie night when everyone watches, and then discusses the same movie in a group message or video call.
  • Be creative. Some people are having an extra Christmas and putting out decorations, cooking and singing. But if you just took your tree down, maybe go big for Easter and Passover. If you have kids let them make cards to send to nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Try to go outside for fresh air and exercise. Or dance around your living room. Just keep your body moving.
  • Practice compassion. People are scared. Try not to judge others. Judgement is a quick way to zap your happy. It’s also one of the few things you can control right now. 

Sometimes your Smile Starters are simple and silly. This makes me laugh every time I see it and wishing I lived on a busier street. If I did I might have to get a sock to catch a few cars. 

We have a new SOHP Subscriber Resource page with lots of the goodies for you to download.

Thursday, March 19 

  • International Read to Me Day
  • Client’s Day
  • Chocolate Caramel Day

Friday, March 20

  • International Day of Happiness
  • Proposal Day
  • World Storytelling Day
  • Ravioli Day

Saturday, March 21

  • Common Courtesy Day
  • Single Parent Day
  • French Bread Day
  • Memory Day
  • World Down Syndrome Day
  • International Fragrance Day
  • International Day of Forests
  • Healthy Fats Day
  • World Poetry Day
  • Quilting Day
  • Corn Dog Day

Sunday, March 22

  • Goof Off Day
  • As Young As You Feel Day
  • World Water Day
Monday, March 23
  • Puppy Day
  • Chip & Dip Day
  • Melba Toast Day

Tuesday, March 24

  • Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Wednesday, March 25

  • Manatee Appreciation Day
  • Waffle Day
  • Pecan Day
Now is the perfect time to send a few short notes to the people you care about.
Reminding people they can “Choose Happiness” is a message worth sharing. 


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