Howdy, howdy … I’m feeling my Texas roots today. 
I love to hear how and what you’re doing — even when I don’t get to respond to your emails. Please share. 
In Texas, our COVID numbers are spiking dangerously high (hospitalization are way up — and in some places, they are reaching capacity). I know other states have increasing numbers too.
This week we’re all about the mask–and that’s because I love you and want you to stay safe. I’m pondering an SOHP #SmileStarter mask. ???? What do ya’ll think? 
I was thinking about what this experience has taught me–because there are lessons in everything–even the unwanted. As an introvert, I’ve always valued my alone time. I need a certain amount of it each day or I’m just drained. But this experience has also reminded me, or maybe made me aware, that I also need some people time. I love a good in-person conversation where you watch someone’s body language while discussing something. I won’t take that for granted again.
What’s something you’ve discovered about yourself during the past few months?  
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For the past week, I’ve been doing lots of interviews about the survey showing Americans are unhappier than they’ve been in 50 years. Here’s one you might enjoy watching — watching it, sharing it, or even leaving comments is helpful for us.
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I’d hoped to release more details about Happiness Happens Month but … well, can I blame it on Mercury retrograde? 
We’ve been finalizing details for a COVID-19 friendly Happiness Happens Month celebration.
The world needs more happy right now. 
???? ???? ????
I’m blowing kisses to everyone who sent us cups of coffee — thank you!!!
Summer is here. Enjoy it the best you can in our ever-changing world–and remember, things will get brighter.
Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to:
Turn on your favorite dance tunes and start shaking your booty.
You can boogie with your family, friends, yourself, or on a video call. 
Looking for some new dance tunes? 
Check out this list of the 50 Best Dance Songs
???? ???? ????  
I smile when I see people wearing their masks–even though you can’t see it. ????
It tells me they care about me.
It tells me they care about themselves.
It tells me they want our businesses to stay open so the economy can recover.
Please be a #SmileStarter and wear your mask.

We have a new SOHP Subscriber Resource page with lots of the goodies for you to download.

While I know some of you are doing well–thanks for sharing your stories with me–I also know many people are feeling some challenging feelings.

Therefore, I decided to postpone the launch of the Raise Your Vibe Challenge–it will be coming soon, but right now, for the next few days or weeks I feel we needed something a little more soulfully focused.

I’m hosting an 8 pm CDT (most evenings) Restore, Pray & Love FB Live.

If you’re not on FB, no worries, just sign up here and we’ll send you the daily videos.

Thursday, June 25

  • Bomb Pop Day
  • Global Beatles Day
  • Goats Cheese Day
  • Color TV Day
  • Strawberry Parfait Day
  • Catfish Day

Friday, June 26

  • Beautician’s Day
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • World Refrigeration Day
  • Cream Tea Day
  • Chocolate Pudding Day
  • Canoe Day

Saturday, June 27

  • Pineapple Day
  • Sunglasses Day
  • Orange Blossom Day

Sunday, June 28

  • Log Cabin Day
  • Happy Heart Hugs Day
  • Tapioca Day
  • Paul Bunyan Day
Monday, June 29
  • Waffle Iron Day
  • Camera Day
  • Almond Buttercrunch Day
  • Please Take My Child to Work Day

Tuesday, June 30

  • Social Media Day
  • Meteor Watch Day

Wednesday, July 1

  • Canada Day
  • Second Half of the Year Day
  • Postal Worker Day
  • International Reggae Day
  • Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
  • Gingersnap Day
This week I’ll double your mug order.
So, if you buy one you’ll get two. If you buy two, you’ll get four.   
Right now, it’s important to remember that sometimes we choose our happiness. 
Offer ends July 01, 2020 

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