Happiness Happens Month 2020: 31 Days. 31 Smiles.

Are ya’ll enjoying the daily #SmileStarter Challenges?
Keep me posted about what you’re doing — I might be sending out some prizes.
Saturday, August 8, is the 22nd Happiness Happens Day — a day grew into a month of happiness.
This year, we’re making our 2020 socially responsible fashion accessory, the mask, happier. You can do this any day of the month, but we’d love to flood the streets and social media with you wearing a mask that makes you smile — which will make it a #SmileStarter for someone who sees you wearing one.
To do this we need a little help. Can you:
Share the graphic below with your social media friends with a message like:

Let’s have some fun on Saturday, August 8th!!!

I’m celebrating Happiness Happens Day by wearing my special #SmileStarter Mask – it just makes me smile ????

I figure — if we need to wear masks  — let’s have some fun with them!

So, I’m posting a pic of myself and my mask on Social Media and I’m wearing it wherever I go — because it makes me smile!!

I hope you join me and do the same! I can’t wait to your special mask!! 

If you need us to email you the graphic just let us know. Or you should be able to do a save as to your computer or save to your phone.
Then of course, please wear your happy mask and post pics on social media and use these hashtags: #SmileStarter #HappinessHappensDay #HappinessHappensMonth

I’ve been wearing my simple mask (video of me making it is below) and people keep complimenting it. People want to be happy, or at least smile a bit, right now. So we can give them a reason to smile with our happy masks–which makes you a #SmileStarter.

When you think about your happy mask for Saturday — that you can buy or make, consider:
  • Is it a certain color?
  • Does it have certain symbols on it?
  • Do you have wise words (family-friendly) that you want to share on it?
The important thing about your mask is that it should make you smile — then it’ll make others smile too.

And thank you to the organizations and people on our Happiness Happens Month Smile Supporter Wall (scroll down on the page). If you’re inspired you can still join the Smile Supporter Wall too.
Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles,

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Beyond our Happiness Happens Day Mask Wearing activity we have other activities that will be #SmileStarters with #SmileStarter Challenge: 31 Days. 31 Smiles.

And of course, you can start anytime.
It’s easy to participate: 

  • Join the Happiness Happens Month FB Group  If you’re already a SOHP Weekly Subscriber, please let us know when you answer the email question we ask when you join the group.
  • Invite your friends to take the #SmileStarter Challenge — just send them to www.sohp.com to sign up.

You can pre-order your
SOHP SmileStarter Mask.
Our masks should arrive next week
–we’ll keep you posted about shipping ????
We only ordered a limited number so if you want one order early. 

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