Thank you, thank you, thank you for celebrating Happiness Happens Month with us. Social media has been filled with lots of #HappinessHappensMonth and #HappinessHappensDay hashtags — in fact, I got put in FB jail for thanking people for celebrating with us. 
Also, my heart is filled with gratitude for your donations that support the Society’s mission, Happiness Happens Month and SOHP Weekly. You’re helping make the world a bit happier — and it needs that right now. 
Of course, it’s still Happiness Happens Month and we hope you are still celebrating. One way you can do it is when you see posts from your social media friends consider #hashtagging them with: #SmileStarter. That way when you and others need to see some smile-inspiring posts they’re easier to find. 
I know from your messages that COVID fatigue is weighing on everyone. It may be for different reasons — but we can all agree that everyone is ready for this virus to leave our planet.
So, today’s #SmileStarter Challenge is to Listen to Someone Who Needs To Vent & Don’t Offer Advice.
Sometimes it’s healthy to just say what’s bothering you out loud. Especially if there isn’t a real solution other than adapting to the moment. That’s what’s going on for many right now — they just need to vent a bit. We’re in a situation we can’t just fix.
It’s human nature if we don’t like a situation we want to want to fix or change it. Especially people who are “mostly” happy. We’re typically doers, changers, go with the flow to a point types of people. But right now we’re being tested.
Practicing compassion is important — and that includes for yourself too. So be nice to you.  
The wiser (my code word for older) I get, the more I realize what I don’t know. But the one thing I know for sure is that we’ll all remember 2020. 
And knowing so many of you personally, I know that you’re doing your best to find the silver linings in these dark and unwanted clouds that have been raining on our normal happy this year. And we know that there are still rainbows around –sometimes we just need to look a little harder to find them.
You’re fabulous, it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling, and keep noticing the happy that’s still around. 
Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to:
Participate in the #SmileStarter Challenge  
 It’s not too late to start. You still have time to start at least 18 smiles.
You can also pick alternate activities (or any from the past).
It’s still Happiness Happens Month so we still want to share moments of happiness … the world needs more happy right now.
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Without a doubt … people are COVID fatigued and stressed.
What helps counter that? Smiles. ????
Smiles help us produce all of those feel-good chemicals.
There’s still time to participate in the #SmileStarter Challenge and make August even smilier.
  • Join the Happiness Happens Month FB Group  If you’re already a SOHP Weekly Subscriber, please let us know when you answer the email question we ask when you join our Happiness Happens Month FB Group!
We all have COVID fatigue and wish it would go away.
Well, the best way to do that right now is by wearing our masks when we can’t socially distance.
So, if we need to wear them for everyone’s health, then they might as well start a few smiles. ????
The official, limited-edition, #SmileStarter Mask arrived … and you can bet I’m smiling under it too.
Let’s make the best of an unwanted and unwelcomed situation by making the world a little smiler. 

We have a new SOHP Subscriber Resource page with lots of the goodies for you to download — including the Happiness Counter. 

I’ve been on a little break from this group but plan to start doing the Restore, Pray & Love FB Live’s at 8 pm CDT / 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT for about 10 minutes soon.
When I started these meet-ups I thought we were at the height of our stress and anxiety. However, studies are showing that COVID fatigue and stress have increased, so we need it now too.
This is a chance to connect and raise your vibe during these stressful times. And you can watch the video anytime it’s convenient. 
If you’re not on FB, no worries, just sign up here and we’ll send you the daily videos.

Thursday, August 13

  • Left Hander’s Day

Friday, August 14

  • Creamsicle Day
  • National Kool-Aid Day

Saturday, July 15

  • World Honey Bee Day
  • Relaxation Day
  • Cycle to Work Day
  • Geocaching Day
  • Break the Monotony Day
  • Lemon Meringue Pie

Sunday, August 16

  • Rollercoaster Day
  • Rum Day
  • Tell a Joke Day
Monday, August 17
  • Thrift Shop Day
  • Vanilla Custard Day
  • Black Cat Appreciation Day

Tuesday, August 18

  • Never Give Up Day
  • Pinot Noir Day
  • Serendipity Day
  • World Daffodil Day

Wednesday, August 19

  • Photography Day
  • Potato Day
  • International Bow Day
  • Humanitarian Day
  • Aviation Day

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