Wow … what a week?

Some weeks the “big” news that we keeping hearing and seeing in our social media feeds over and over is unhappy and sad.

So, far this seems to be one of those weeks. The surprise death of someone who inspired millions, the virus that may have epidemic consequences, a big earthquake, loss of soldiers, and political turmoil (in the US).

Even when a news story doesn’t personally impact you, it can still impact your heart.

Our hearts connect us to each other.

It’s where you feel empathy and compassion — so, it’s okay if you need to shed a few tears over a story that you hear.

It’s where acts of kindness are inspired — so, it’s okay if you want to help.

Happiness isn’t the absence of unhappiness.

The past few days, I’ve found myself feeling a little melancholy. Not unhappy, but just not as energetic and bubbly as I’d like to be.

Of course, I know that the quickest way to rebound is to keep noticing and valuing my happy moments when they happen. Writing to you today is one of them.

If you’re new here, you may be wondering, “What do you mean by counting my happy moments?”

The Society identified 31 Types of Happiness to inspire you to notice more happiness that’s already around you.

Who doesn’t want more happiness, even if you’re already feeling pretty happy.

We have two free tools to help you count them: 

Thank you for celebrating Hunt for Happiness Week with us. I saw many of you sharing your #SmileStarters with your social media friends. You helped make the world a little happier. 

I’ll continue to tag posts with #SmileStarter so if you need a happier social media feed search that hashtag or just friend me on FB. If I don’t get back to you right away just email me — I always try to make sure my friend requests are real people.

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Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles,

Pamela Gail

Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to: 
Pick a day or seven days to count your happy moments
Print the happiness counter or download the app: SOHP
Everyone who sends me a total for the day
will be entered into a drawing for some SOHP Swag.
So, if you do it every day, you can be entered in the drawing 7 times. 
Dallas got a little, and by little I mean a dusting, of snow on January 11.
However, we haven’t gotten snow in the past couple of years so this was a smile Starter for me…and many others in DFW.  
And yes, I’m still hoping for more snow before winter ends. 
☃️ ❄️ ⛄

We have a new SOHP Subscriber Resource page with lots of the goodies for you to download.

Thursday, January 30

  • Puzzle Day
  • Croissant Day

Friday, January 31

  • Fun at Work Day
  • Backward Day

Saturday, February 1

  • Take Your Child to the Library Day
  • Spunky Old Broads Day
  • Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Sunday, February 2

  • Groundhog Day
  • Tater Tot Day
  • Super Bowl
Monday, February 3
  • Golden Retriever Day
  • Feed the Birds Day

Tuesday, February 4

  • Create a Vacuum Day
  • Stuffed Mushroom Day
  • Thank a Mailman Day
  • Sweater Day 

Wednesday, February 5

  • Weatherman’s Day
  • Nutella Day
We are recognizing lots of Smiles Starters!!!
Thank You!!!
You are making the world a happier and smilier place. 
If you haven’t recognized your Smile Starters it’s easy — just sign up to be a Smile Starter Presenter to get your supplies–including free ones.


The SOHP Choose Happiness notepad
is a Smile Starter for anyone who gets a note on it.

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