Happiness is elusive because there isn’t an exact recipe for it, no matter how much we want one and how many scientific studies are done to help us understand happiness.

Happiness is one of those experiences that we just know when it happens. If you need to think about whether you’re happy, you probably aren’t at that moment.

So what is happiness? Is it possible to define something that sounds so simple, yet, is obviously complex?

Before starting the Society I tried more “get happy” philosophy or how-to programs from the spiritual to the cognitive than I can remember. Although, I’m blessed with happy geneticsso I naturally see the brighter side of life, I wanted life to be happy all of the time.

What I learned was that, although you can’t be happy all of the time, you can be happy most of the time. You just need to recognize more of the happiness that’s already happening.

After starting the Society I identified 31 Types of Happiness to make recognizing happiness easier. Sometimes happiness is the relief and satisfaction we get when we finish cleaning the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s watching a child or pet do something that amuses us. Or sometimes it’s obvious like going to a party. But, ultimately, happiness is around us and it’s up to us to recognize it.

Often we think happiness is about stuff but science has shown  that wanting expensive things makes us happier than actually buying them. Maybe that’s why making a dream board of stuff we want to buy is so fun.

Unhappiness happens to the happiest of people. People are meant to feel a gamut of emotions including happiness but not exclusive to it. Actually feeling our unhappiness clears the space for us to feel happiness if we’re feeling unhappy.

Try our Happiness Counter  and you’ll probably discover more happy moments than you would expect.

I even wrote the Secret Society of Happy People’s 31 Types of Happiness Guide, it’ll fit in your purse, or on your e-reader if you want more tips on recognizing happiness.

Since Happiness Happens, recognize and share it with our Secret Society of Happy People’s Happicons that you can share on your social media sites.

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