Hunt for Happiness Week


Hunt For Happiness Week 2016



The Secret Society of Happy People will celebrate the 15th Annual Hunt for Happiness Week January 17 – 23, 2016. After the end-of-year holiday hoopla winds down sometimes we may need to hunt for a little happiness. Not by accident, the week coincides with what’s called Blue Monday or the Saddest Day of the Year, January 25, 2016.

We’ll focus on actually doing things to make yourself a little happier. Click here to get the daily update that will send you our 3 daily activity choices blog post.

There’s always a special emphasis on activities for kids — teachers can use them in the classroom, parents at home, and youth leaders in their programs. The activity links are listed below.

In 2006, we asked the governors of all 50 states for a Proclamation for our 5th Hunt for Happiness Week. How did your governor respond?



Possible activities will include:

  • Get the Daily Hunt for Happiness Activities Blog Post emailed to you each day after it’s been posted to our Happiness Blog.
  • Post the FB and Twitter Hunt for Happiness Week Covers.
  • Watch all of our social media sites for Hunt for Happiness Week fun ~ links are on the side bar.
  • Start your own Hunt for Happiness Pinterest Board (or follow mine).
  • Use the #huntforhappiness hashtag on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & Google+
  • Play Happy I-Spy. When you see someone – even strangers experiencing a happy moment give them the I-Spy certificate. It’s a borrowed moment for you and a fun moment for them. We have print certificates that you can print to pass out, one you can download to share via email, social media or text, and a special certificate designed specifically for happy Twitter users!
  • Do the Types of Happiness Word Search. (Solution)
  • Take the Happy Challenge
  • Start collecting something that makes you happy. For example, begin a rock, coin, doll, angel — whatever makes you smile — collection. Hunt for these things that appeal to you and surround yourself with them. Your environment will then bring moments of happiness.
  • Create a “Happy Space” in your home or workspace. Use colors that you love, add a candle of your favorite scent, music that makes you feel good and any decorations and textures that bring a smile to your face. Surround yourself with happiness.
  • Become childlike. Think back to what you loved to do as a child and do it. For instance, if you enjoyed coloring, buy a coloring book and new crayons, ride a carousel or swing. Sing your favorite children’s song (with a CD or bring out the old record player), and visit the children’s library and reread your old favorites.
  • Activities Just for Kids
    Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
    3rd – 5th Grade
    6th – 8th Grade
    High School
    Alternate Activities
  • Most important.have fun hunting for and creating happy moments!
  • Let us know how you celebrated: Contact Us
  • Bonus Year Round Activity: Join our Happiness in Action Group  on Facebook. We have over 1300 happy, fun members :) Each month the group does 4 happiness challenges.

Special thanks to Society members Cindy Fitzhugh and Theresa Sarin for contributing activity suggestions.