Wow … do you feel like our new decade has thrown everyone for a happiness loop? ???? 

Even the happiest person may feel a little less happy than they normally do. Your happiness may feel flat. You aren’t doing your normal summer activities. And you’re waiting to see if fall will be anything close to normal.

Some of you may feel more stress, anxiety, and even depression. If this is extreme please reach out for professional help — we’re in unique times so get help if you need it — you aren’t alone.

However, even during uncertain, annoying, and changing times, happiness happens. It might look a little different. But happiness has a common feeling — it makes us feel good. It raises our vibe. It even makes us smile.

We’re Celebrating Happiness Happens Month 2020

On August 1, the Society of Happy People will kick-off the 21st Happiness Happens Month. Yep, we’ve been celebrating happiness for more than two decades.

Each year we pick a theme. Last year, we acknowledged the people who made us smile (and you can still do that with our #SmileStarter Awards).

This year the world needs more smiles so our theme is Operation #SmileStarter and we’re sponsoring a #SmileStarter Challenge!

Hi Pamela!

My husband and I just returned from a 10 day vacation. My goal was to give 3 smile starter awards each day we were gone to meet my stated goal of 30.
I’m thrilled to say my husband got in on the fun and between us we gave out 52 smile starter awards!
Do you know what he told me tonight? “This is fun! Let’s keep going!” Hehe.
Anyway, just wanted to update you with my (our) new total.
Have a Happy Friday!

Introducing Operation #SmileStarter

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try to do something each day to start at least one smile a day — and starting a smile for yourself counts too ????


Fun Smile Stats

Adults typically smile 20 times a day compared to children, who smile 400 times a day. Now, if you’re reading our page, you might smile a little more than that since you’re probably naturally happier than some.

This challenge gets even happier since smiling is contagious: Your smile starts other smiles.

However, no matter how often you smile, the more you smile the better. Shawn Archor, a happiness expert, reminds us that smiling also helps us retrain our brains to think more positive thoughts. Who can’t use more positive thoughts, especially right now?

And, even if you’re not feeling all smiley, even a fake smile can help improve your mood ????

So, let’s make 2020 a little happier by making it a lot smilier for Happiness Happens Month ????

Sign-up for Operation #SmileStarter!

When you sign up to take the #SmileStarter Challenge we will send you…

#SmileStarter Pledge

It’s a pledge you can sign and post on your social media sites agreeing that you’ll try to start one smile a day for someone every day in the month of August.


#SmileStarter Challenge Activities

We’ll send you a calendar you can print off with possible #SmileStarter Challenge activities. However, there’s an option each day to be creative and do whatever you want to be a #SmileStarter.


Operation #SmileStarter Graphics

We’ll provide graphics you can share on social media, by text, or in emails to encourage your friends to start a few smiles and even join the Happiness Happens Month #SmileStarter Challenge.


Access to the Happiness Happens Month Facebook Group


Become An Operation #SmileStarter Supporter Today!

Does Happiness Happens Month make you so happy that you want to support it?

We are excited to offer Happiness Happens Month Smile Supporter opportunities for individuals and businesses to help us share Operation #SmileStarter and our #SmileStarter Challenge with more people.

???? Our 2020 Go-Givers ????


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