1 Million Smile Starters 🙂

This smile stat caused my eyes to widen…  I actually said “WOW” out loud

Smiles provide the same level of brain stimulation as 2000 chocolate bars or £16,000 pounds — that’s about the same as $20,939.98 dollars!!!*

Holy cow!!!  Smiles are powerful!
They make us…

  • More Likeable
  • Perceived as Cool
  • Feel Less Pain

Oh, and did I mention, smiles are contagious?

When you smile at someone, they will most likely smile at someone else so your smile starts a smile chain.

Since smiles are so powerful, and have the ability to make life happier, healthier and more positive for everyone, I got an idea…

The Society of Happy People should start a little movement to make the world better by recognizing One Million Smile Starters. 

Your first question is probably “Who’s a Smile Starter?”

They are the people and pets that make us smile.

We even have a handy little cheat sheet to help make your personal list of smile starter quick and easy.

Your second question is probably “Why did you pick One Million Smile Starters as a goal?”

Well, I don’t really have an answer, other than — can you imagine how much happier our world can be when one million people are thanked for starting smiles.

How would you feel if someone thanked you for being a Smile Starter?

Thinking about it probably made you grin

Here’s what some of our Smile Starter Award
recipients have said…

  • Smile Starters Recognized (11,354)
  • Smile Starter Goal (1,000,000)

And, making a list of the people who are your
Smile Starters will make you a little smilier 🙂


Here’s what some of our Smile Starter Award presenters have said…

Hi Pamela!

My husband and I just returned from a 10 day vacation. My goal was to give 3 smile starter awards each day we were gone to meet my stated goal of 30.
I’m thrilled to say my husband got in on the fun and between us we gave out 52 smile starter awards!
Do you know what he told me tonight? “This is fun! Let’s keep going!” Hehe. 
Anyway, just wanted to update you with my (our) new total.
Have a Happy Friday!

I believe instinctively we all want to be Smile starters, and yet sometimes it is difficult to maintain a consistent visage. Being able to provide a tangible award reminds me to spread the message of joy. Being a smile starter has helped me recognize others who are also spreading joy too.

Robin -- over 100 awards given out and counting

So, if getting all of those positive endorphins that make you happier, healthier and other good things, plus having a little fun while making the world happier inspires you, will you help us recognize 1 Million Smile Starters?

It’s easy!!

  1. Sign up to be a Smile Starter Presenter.
  2. Give us an estimate of how many Smile Starters You Plan to Recognize. This is done on the honor system. And, if you give more than you thought you would please let us know.
  3. We’ll send you your Smile Starter Worksheet & Awards.
  4. Complete your Smile Starter Worksheet.
  5. Start sharing your Smile Starter Awards and making the world a happier and smilier place. laughing

Add your info to the form below. As soon as you confirm your email address, we’ll send you the free Smile Starter Award graphics and your worksheet! 

Not sure who your personal smile starters are?

Think about your normal days and the people you interact with…

Possible Smile Starters Include…

  • Kids
  • Significant Other
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Other Family Members
  • Friends
  • Co-Workers
  • Boss
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Neighbors
  • Pets
  • Teachers
  • Police and Fire People
  • School Crossing Guards
  • Grocery Store Clerk
  • Radio Host
  • News Person
  • Delivery People
  • Anyone who makes you feel good about yourself

We Want To Meet Your Smile Starters

Post selfies or videos of your Smile Starter Awardees.

Tag those individuals on social media, and share why these people, pets and/or places are Smile Starters using the following social media hashtags: #SmileStarter #SmileStartersShine #HHW2020 #SmileStarterAward

If you’d rather not print certificates,
we have several Smile Starter Awards available for purchase…

A Gift For Your Very Special Smile Starter

If this is a gift for someone, please add their name and mailing address to PayPal when you checkout!

We can add custom messages to the award certificate for you — just put your message in PayPal.

You can always message us for quantity discounts.

Smile Starter Gift Award

Your Special Smile Starter Receives

  • Smile Starter Wristband

Available in your choice of 3 Sizes

Adult – 8 1/4″

Older Child (6+ yr) – 7 1/2″

Child (under 6 yr) –  6 3/4″

  • Frameable 5″ x 7″ Smile Starter Certificate
  • 30 Pass-It-On Cards

Smile Starter Bookmarks — 3.5 x 3.5


Help us recognize One Million Smile Starters by either giving out our Smile Starter Award Bookmarks or donating them to a school, library, or other organization.

If you have a specific place you’d like them donated to please make a note in the comments on PayPal.


Smile Starter Award Certificates Only

There’s room for a personal note from you

These postcard-sized (5″ x 7″) frameable certificates are PERFECT for on-the-go Smile Starter Award Presenters and for anyone who is looking to give out LOTS of recognition Awards

Order your preferred pack size below. Please be sure to include your phone number with your order.

Bulk Unpackaged Smile Starter Awards

*Source: Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act & the exact USD amount varies depending on the exchange rate.

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