In Recognition Of The Amazing People Who Have Started Millions Of Smiles!

Lori Alan 

For providing children of many generations joy through her work on Spongebob Squarepants and Toy Story 4

Kamau Bell 

For making us smile, even when exploring serious subjects

Stephen Colbert 

For making us laugh while pointing out life’s absurdities


For being the happiest country in the world two years in a row

Jazz Jennings 

For being able to make us smile by bringing out our empathy

Jonas Brothers 

For reuniting and beginning their Happiness Begins Tour during Happiness Happens Month

Mindy Kaling 

For making us smile by being authentic and encouraging others to do the same

State of Massachusetts 

For being the happiest state in 2019

Lin-Manuel Miranda  

For being an innovative entertainer and humanitarian with a heart as big his talent

Jeanne Moos  

For making us smile with the ironies in the news

Bill Nye 

For making science fun

Dolly Parton 

For lifting everyone up with her talent, humanitarian and literacy work

Randy Rainbow

For his performance of parodies that are simply “the best”

Dr. Laurie Santos

For teaching Yale’s most popular class on Psychology and the Good Life

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

For rescuing and rehabbing orphaned elephants and other animals that make us smile

Robert F. Smith

For paying off the student loans of roughly 400 Moorehouse College 2019 Graduates

Ali Stroker

For breaking barriers on Broadway while making us laugh

The Ellen Show

Come on, it’s Ellen, you’re gonna smile

Chrissy Teigen

For making everyone feel welcome, is relatable and down to earth while also making us laugh

US Women’s National
Soccer Team

For winning their 4th World Cup

Chef José Andrés 

For being one of the first to arrive and feed those impacted by disasters and humanitarian crises through World Central Kitchen

Kelly Clarkson  

For her positive attitude as she shares her music and life with us.

James Corden  

For so many reasons, but Carpool Karaoke is king

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast  

For providing laughter for millions every week

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson  

For being a tough guy that makes us smile

Howie Mandel  

For being quirky with a big heart who always makes us smile

Kate McKinnon 

For being the King and Queen of Comedy

Indya Moore 

For her work on POSE and being an advocate and voice for the Transgender community.

National Comedy Center 

For creating a home for the history of comedy

Octo Spelling Bee Champs 

For showing us that many people can be number one at the same time


For writing, producing and performing the Happy song for the ages

Keanu Reeves 

For proving that good guys can make you smile

Sesame Street 

For teaching our kids to be good people for fifty years

Maria Shriver  

For her integrity, world-view and compassion for all beings

Mira Sorvino 

For inspiring us to always be better through activism and her commitment in the fight against human trafficking and Women’s Rights.

The Comedy Store 

For celebrating 40 years of making people laugh in the UK

The Hallmark Channel  

For giving us the happy ending everyone wants.

Toronto Raptors  

For making Canada smile

Betty White  

For making us laugh longer than almost anyone else, and her love of animals

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