Happiness Happens Month 2019

Celebrate The 20th Happiness Happens Month By Helping Us Recognize
1 Million Smile Starters

Hi Pamela!

My husband and I just returned from a 10 day vacation. My goal was to give 3 smile starter awards each day we were gone to meet my stated goal of 30.
I’m thrilled to say my husband got in on the fun and between us we gave out 52 smile starter awards!
Do you know what he told me tonight? “This is fun! Let’s keep going!” Hehe. 
Anyway, just wanted to update you with my (our) new total.
Have a Happy Friday!

  • Smile Starters Recognized (8,497)
  • Smile Starter Goal (1,000,000)

The Society declared August 8, 1999, Admit You’re Happy Day – the first official happiness holiday.

We even got 19 Governor’s proclamations to make it official.

However, it surprised me when our members wanted more days to officially celebrate happiness. 

Now you can celebrate Happiness Happens any day that makes you happy—after all, Happiness Is Personal.

Happiness Happens Month
On New Day Northwest

This year is a milestone celebration for the Society—it’s the 20th Happiness Happens Month. Now, I officially feel wise (my code word for old), but it’s been twenty years of reminding people to smile when they are happy. Smiles are contagious, reduce stress and make us more likeable — so it’s a happy wisdom.

Since the Society is recognizing twenty years of celebrating happiness, and because so many people who create unhappiness get so much attention, the Society wants to honor the people who make happiness happen—we call them “Smile Starters.” Why? Since happiness is contagious our smiles usually start with someone.   So, if you think about it, one person’s smile has the potential to start a smile chain  🙂

We LOVE making happiness feel a little fancy so the Society will also be announcing at least 31 Smile Starter Award Winners 

And, we have a BIG GOAL…

We want to honor ONE MILLION people who
make you and the world happier and smilier.

We want YOU to become a Smile Starter Award Presenter and recognize your personal Smile Starters with a Smile Starter Award


Who Are Smile Starters?

They are people who make you and the world a happier place — they make the world shine. Think about the people who are kind, make others laugh, or whose smile is contagious.

Possible Smile Starters Include

  • Kids
  • Significant Other
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Other Family Members
  • Friends
  • Co-Workers
  • Boss
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Neighbors
  • Pets
  • Teachers
  • Police and Fire People
  • School Crossing Guards
  • Grocery Store Clerk
  • Radio Host
  • News Person
  • Delivery People
  • Anyone who makes you feel good about yourself

 We’ve even created a Smile Starter List to make it easier for you to identify and celebrate the people who start smiles for you and others.

The Smile Starters Award Recognition Goal

Between now and August 31 our goal is to recognize
One Million Smile Starters

Since I don’t know one million people I need your help

  •  Make a list of the people who make the world a happier place for you and others – family members, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, pets, first responders, retail clerks, delivery people … or use our Smile Starter List.
  • Recognize them with a Smile Starter Award! We have special certificates and other graphics to make it easy for you to print, message, email, text or share them on social media with your special Smile Starter Awardees!
  • Add your info to the form below. As soon as you confirm your email address, we’ll send you the free Smile Starter Award graphics  

We Can’t Wait To Meet Your Special Smile Starters 🙂 

Post selfies or videos of your Smile Starter Awardees.

Be sure to tag those individuals on social media, and share why these people, pets and/or places are Smile Starter winners using the following social media hashtags: #SmileStarter #SmileStartersShine #HappinessHappens #HHM2019 #SmileStarterAward 

Smile Starter Gift Award

Your Special Smile Starter Receives

  • Smile Starter Wristband

Available in your choice of 3 Sizes

Adult – 8 1/4″

Older Child (6+ yr) – 7 1/2″

Child (under 6 yr) –  6 3/4″

  • Frameable 5″ x 7″ Smile Starter Certificate

If this is a gift for someone, please add their name and mailing address to PayPal when you checkout!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give more than one Smile Starter Award?

Of course, please do. The world needs more Smile Starters. Maybe consider setting a Smile Starter Award recognition goal.

Can I give Smile Starter Awards before August?

Absolutely — wouldn’t it be great if 2019 becomes the “Summer of Smile Starter Awards”?

How will we keep count of the Smile Starter Awardees?

We’ll be on the honor system. We’ll ask for your Smile Starter Award recognition goal when you sign-up to get your Smile Starter Award graphics. However, if you present more Smile Starter Awards let us know We’ll be adding them to our tracker (see above). I mean how many Smile Starters could there be? Surprise me

What if I want to give my Smile Starter Awardee something other than a certificate?

You can — once you get the Smile Starter graphics, including the certificate, you’ll also be given a link to give your Smile Starter our customized wristband and frameable certificate so you can let them know just how special they are! The wristbands are available in Adult, Young Adult and Child sizes 🙂

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