Did you watch It’s a Wonderful Life this past weekend? Usually, I just tune in and out of it since I’m familiar with the story line, but for some reason this year my intuition compelled me to watch it from start to finish. Apparently, I needed a reminder of the lessons this classic teaches.


Lesson One

While it’s important to have goals and strive to achieve them, their attainment doesn’t determine if we live a wonderful life. When we achieve a goal, it certainly creates satisfaction, but our wonderful life usually happens in the journey towards attaining ours goal. It comes from the inspiration, hope, and motivation that leads to our actions to attain a goal. But living a wonderful life can happen regardless of achieving a goal or not.


Lesson Two

Life rarely turns out as we plan or expect. Some things will be better than we could ever have dreamed and others will be more challenging than we could ever anticipate. While it’s important to know where we want to go and to try to get there, it’s equally important to be honorable, balanced, and helpful. The majority of us make sacrifices for the people we love from our families to our friends. While these sacrifices can detour us from pursuing a dream, they may also be the unexpected catalyst that allows us to live a wonderful life.


Lesson Three

Living a wonderful life is really about how we perceive the events that make up our life. We can cling to the happiness we planned to find on an untraveled road or we can embrace the happiness we actually experience on the road we travel. Happiness happens when we recognize our planned and unplanned blessings and can be thankful for them.


No one lives a made for the movies life that wraps everything up in a perfect package in mere minutes. Our lives are full of the unexpected and unplanned that ranges from unwanted chaos to unexpected happiness, and we have to remember that both the chaos and happiness contribute to living our own version of It’s a Wonderful Life.

What’s your favorite part of It’s a Wonderful Life?

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