Happy 2020!!!

Mine started off on a happiness fast start.
I got to visit Atlantic City last week to speak.
Since then I’ve been busy getting my ducks in a row for the 19th Hunt for Happiness Week that starts Sunday. So I’m doing a little happy dance.

We have discontinued our “formal” memberships.
What does that mean to you? Not much, other than you can buy some of the Society Swag individually and we’ll be closing the private FB Group.

Otherwise you’ll get all of your happiness news right here as usual.

My heart smiles every time someone buys us a cup of coffee–thank you. If our new e-pub, SOHP Weekly, makes you smile consider Buying Us a Cup of Coffee, too!!


Wishing you peace, luv & lots of smiles,

Pamela Gail

????️ Rain in Australia helps with the wildfires.
???? How to Overcome Your Brain’s Fixation on Bad Things — we are hardwired to do this. 
Your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to: 
Forgive Someone
No one is perfect. 
Someone close to you has hurt you–
either intentionally or unintentionally.
You’ve also hurt someone else at some point.
If there’s someone you need to forgive, try to work on it this week.
Forgiveness isn’t about allowing and accepting bad behavior from someone.
It’s not about forgetting a hurt happened
if you need to remember it to set and keep a boundary.
It is about allowing that wound to heal so your heart isn’t full of pain,
and another persons actions aren’t controlling you.
It’s about living your peace, love, and happiness.
The Society, Hunt for Happiness Week, and I are in the January 20th issue of Woman’s World.
It always makes me smile when we are a Smile Starter for others.  
This years Hunt for Happiness Week is about hunting for Smile Starters because that way you are making two people happy–and probably a few more since smiles are contagious. 
We’ve even added a Smile Starter Pet Award — we have a certificate you can print out or this Award Ribbon you can put on a picture. 

Each day you’ll be given three people, things and social media posts to give a Smile Starter Award to–or tag. We’re going to have fun starting a few smiles. I can’t wait to see what you’re posting.

If you’ve already signed up to be a Smile Starter Award presenter you don’t need to sign up again. However, if you exceeded your original goal please let us know so we can update our Smile Starter Award total.

Friday, January 17

  • Ditch Your New Years Resolutions Day
  • Kid Inventors Day 

Saturday, January 18

  • Thesauras Day
  • Winnie the Pooh Day
  • Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
  • Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day
  • Choral Day

Sunday, January 19

  • Hunt for Happiness Week Begins
  • National Popcorn Day
  • Tin Can Day

Monday, January 20

  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Hunt for Happiness Week
  • Cheese Lovers Day
  • Penguin Awareness
  • Buttercrunch Day
  • Day of Acceptance

Tuesday, January 21

  • Hunt for Happiness Week
  • Hugging Day
  • Playdate Day
  • Sweatpants Day
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day 

Wednesday, January 22

  • Hunt for Happiness Week
  • Blonde Brownie Day
  • Celebration of Life Day
  • Hot Sauce Day
  • Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Thursday, January 23

  • Hunt for Happiness Week
  • Pie Day
  • Measure Your Feet Day
  • Handwriting Day
I’ll have a happy Smile Starter goal announcement on Sunday, but want to share it with our Smile Starter Award Presenters first. If you haven’t signed up to be one–now’s a perfect day.
First, thank you to everyone who’s sharing the Smile Starter Awards–I think the comments above reflect how people feel when they get them. So know that when you share you are making the world smilier and happier.  
Second when we started doing these I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have all of the supplies everyone needed they way the wanted them. We do now:
  • We have free Certificates & Social Media Graphics
  • We have certificates, book markers & wristbands that you can purchase in bulk to pass out.
  • We have book markers that you can donate to schools, libraries and community organizations.  
If you’ve thought, “I want want make the world happier and smilier by giving some Smile Starter Awards, but I don’t know enough happy people.”
We’ve got you covered. We created a bookmarker that you can donate to schools, libraries or community programs. You just note in the Paypal comments where you want us to send it. Or we can find a place for you.
We’ve made it easy for everyone can get involved in making the world happier and helping us recognize 1 Million Smile Starters.
Our Society Swag Shop is full of happy stuff: socks, coffee mug, notepads, postcards and our best selling Pass-It-On Cards.
I’m super excited to share we’ve also added our

It might sound a bit silly to have a “happiness planner.” But each month there are special dates and events you’ll want to remember to celebrate.

Our downloadable printable planner will help you make sure you don’t miss a single one! The planner is completely customizable for you to include all of your important events. Plus, we’ve added some fun trivia for each month!

For every purchase you’ll receive 15 of our Smile Starter Book Marker Awards to share with your favorite Smile Starters!

If you love what we’re doing and it makes you smile, please consider supporting SOHP Weekly – for the cost of a cup of coffee. While we deliver our digital pub for free to your inbox each week, we hope you’ll consider making a one-time gift of $3, or a monthly offering of that same amount. Your support helps us make the world a happier place.

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